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September 7, 2009

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 1)

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Hei…start from this post i will posting about my workcamp in Karimunjawa that held in 7 – 19 July 2009 ago. I just want to post it because just finished the report.

before that, this is a short information about the organization

IIWC is acronym of Indonesia International Work Camp. Informally, IIWC was formed in September 1999 by IPPA Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association, when IPPA held the first work camp in Mijen, Semarang Residence incorporate with NICE, a work camp organization from Japan.

Seeing the success and positive result of the first work camp, NICE suggested IPPA to form a work camp organization. The suggestion was followed by an invitation for NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) meeting in Hanoi Vietnam at 9 – 22 January 2000. In this meeting, we discussed how to run a work camp and everything about it. Since then, IIWC was born and has been organizing more than 100 international workcamps in Indonesia and many other international voluntary services with hundreds of either local or international volunteers involved

well, first i will introduce all of the volunteers (GREAT VOLUNTEERS!)

start from me,

arji my name is ARJI,i come from Indonesia

(well it shows from my skin color huh…)gintas

his name is Gintas, he’s come from Germany (he’s a Long Term Volunteer)

he already stayed in Indonesia for 1 year, this is his last workcamp

agathe her name is Agathe, she come from France

(she ever have a workcamp in Togo before this) (more…)

May 25, 2009


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first of all,i want to say thanks to my bini who already invited me to join this wouldnt happen with out you honey..=)

my very unforgetable4dyas!

Spent it with my new family in IIWC (Indonesia International Work Camp) in Gedongsongo – Semarang – Central Java.

We finished our training workcamp there and did volunteery with our environment, education and heritage things there.

clean the area,teach english elementary students, and invited the local people there and the tourist to maintain the sense of belonging of our heritage things which is The 9Temples there…=)

Using english is a must there!thats why i happy, although my english is very bad, but because of the rules i have to used to with that. and it works!i realized now my english is improved if compare with first day training.i swear!hehehe..

yeah,of course there still amny mistakes here and there, grammar adn vocab,etc….but thats okay,i’ll be better in the future i think (i hope so..hehehehe)

this is few picture of my family there..

with Gintas

with Gintas

my bini with Gintas, my co camp leader in Karimun Jawa

with Ayu

with Ayu

me and Ayu, my bestfrends on the training

all the trainee

all the trainee

all of the trainee before get back to Semarang

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