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July 10, 2010

So weird huh?

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well, recently days so many news about the celebrity that have porn video being spread through the internet.

actually i dont care at all about this and never pay attetion to this issue.

but, tonight when i was doing my job as lecturer, and heard the news, suddenly i think its kind of strange law…lol

the thing is, the news said that 2 actrees (which is famous celebrity in Indonesia) finally free from the law because at least they confess that the woman on that video are them. i mean, they claim it in different time and place, one is confess that the woman is her, eventhough her husband and family didn’t know it was her.

and the other woman also claim that she is the person that do intercourse with the man on the video.

and what the law do?both of them are free.

how about the man?he is still on prison because he didn’t cooperate with the police and didn’t want to agree that he is the one on the video.

strange huh?instead of the truth who are those people on the video, but the one who didn’t claim that he is the man on the video being prisoned, and who already confess and claim that they are on the video being free from the law and not get prisoned???

ah i see, maybe the law is just wnt to make sure who is the actor and actrees on the video.

the law doesn’t really care about punishment for the guilty person at all.

weird law huh?


July 1, 2010

facebook. . .

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hey guys,

sorry to make you wait for so long for new post…you know,this thing and that thing on my daily routine finally come so harsh and make me down and get sick for more than 1 week…lol

ok, just cut the crap, this time i wanna talk few little things about one of many kind of social networking that called “facebook”. dont worry i wont write something that will explain to you about this man

and the first history of facebook and so on, totally not.=)

because it soooo yesterday to talk about this…..hahaha

this only few of so many facebook image that you can found in internet recently days. because it have so many pictures and icon about it, and dont forget for the mobile phone too.

its just need less than 5 minutes for you to have a facebook account, whether its a real or a fake identity.


June 30, 2010

baru sadar

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nah…gini ceritanya,
saya merasa sangat beruntung sudah mengurangi tugas ke mahasiswa dalam bentuk tulisan tangan, dan memperbanyak bentuk softopy.

mgkn kalau tulisan tangan, bisa saja dikerjakan mahasiswa sesaat sebelum dosen masuk kelas dan itu pun menyontek dari teman yang lain,sehingga yang di dapat hanya nilai dan bukan ilmunya. yah,meskipun tidak bisa dipungkiri dengan soft copy pun lebih bisa dicontek,dan justru lebih mudah karena tinggal copy paste..*oh iya ya?!*

tapi itu telah diatasi dengan tugas yang sedikit namun tidak ada yang boleh sama,mnrt saya itu cukup adil. karena sebesar apapun solidaritas antara mahasiswa, pasti kadang masih ada perasaan kesal saat melihat temannya dengan mudah memperoleh nilai yang sama dengan usaha yang jauh berbeda.
*berbeda disini maksudnya yang satu jujur dan berpikir, dan yang satu lagi tidak jujur dan tertawa*

yah,apapun itu semua punya kelebihan dan kekurangan kan?hargai saja..hehe

nah,pagi tadi saya pribadi baru merasakan betapa lelahnya menulis menggunakan tangan.
ya,anda tidak salah baca, menulis menggunakan tangan memang (more…)

March 19, 2010

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 4)

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11th July 2009

Today was start earlier, eventhough not a schedule in this workcamp, few people was go to

the market, they are me,leslie,sophie,celia,marie,zoe. we buy 2 pineapple, 2 tape, few cakes.

after that, we go to the port and sit there and ate that cakes we buy. not for so long time,

we go back to house and take sleep again. before i sleep, pak arif takes me to the beach where

we will clean today.

i woke up again about 8.45 am and take breakfast with others where all the girls already on the dining


March 4, 2010

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 3)

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hmmm….because of so many things to do, i have to pending the story about KJ 1st workcamp…i am so sorry…^^

so, now i am going tell about the story direclty to the 1st day of the workcamp.

the hard thing is to match the picture and documentation with the date, because even we have the date in every picture or video, the record of all of the pictures&video was mix between this camera and that camera,etc. but,its the same actually..some picture maybe look a like each other, for example sunset picutres. but, eventhough they look a like,trust me its taken on different day…if you are look it carefully you can see the different..LOL

the thing is,the story will tell from first person view…ok?!

here it is…

10th July 2009

first day of the workcamp we almost woke up at 7.30 am and then breakfast together at 8 am. for the first time since we arrived in semarang we had something else to eat than rice for the breakfast, which are cake, friedbanana, bread with chocolate and banana inside and many other things i dont really know. after that we went to do activities with mothers! we had tea there and the mothers sung a really nice song. then we went all together in the city and clean the street during half an hour. we finished at 10.30 am and had “pictures time” with the mothers. some of us had games with the children there and dance our banana song.


November 26, 2009

Discipline in a right way ??

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Thursday 19.30 pm,in a car that stuck in the middle of traffic jam on pasopati bridge…

My girl was told me, someone has prisoned for 2months because of stolen a watermelon..!!

Not only that,he also threatened will be prison for 5years..!
HELLO..??now the law can be strict to a poor people..??

How about the corruptor and other BIG people that do sooooooooooooo many bad things??

Where is the law for them?
What the police do?

Last but not least,where is the highest man,PRESIDENT?
Maybe only God knows why…

November 11, 2009


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hmm…makanan ya?kan mirip tuh sama omelet..hahaha

jauh banget dari makanan…wavelet itu ditemuin sama Jean Morlet dan Alex Grossmann di tahun 1980-an…asalny bahasa Perancis “ondelette” artinya gelombang kecil. yang onde diganti ke bahasa inggris jadi wave trus digabungin sama let, jadinya wavelet. Ada juga yang bilang kalo wavelet itu adalah tubuh gelombang dari gelombang yang menjadi sumber dalam eksplorasi seismik refleksi. Wavelet dapat menjadi sebuah fungsi matematik yang memotong-motong data menjadi kumpulan-kumpulan frekuensi yang berbeda, jadi tiap potong itu bisa diolah dalam skala resolusi yang berbeda-beda.

Dua hal yang penting dalam wavelet adalah (more…)

November 5, 2009

Long Live Sesame Street!

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google sesamestreet


September 17, 2009

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 2)

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well, after introducing the member and our goal…i will tell about beginning of the workcamp…

the ordered of the volunteers coming, is from me (arrived in Semarang on 4th of july), then agathe,zoe,marie (arrived on 5th of july), then leslie the day after, and sophie&celia same day with leslie, and then mellisa (morning on 7th of july) with very horrible trip from Bali to Semarang, thanks God she made it, and the last is Ferry who arrived when we almost finished the explaining about the workcamp before we depart to Jepara, yeah he had a trip around Bali&Java island before reach Semarang…=)

Gintas?of course he already in semarang a long time ago before all of us arrived there, because he stayed in Semarang.

After explain all things about workcamp, we wait for the car that will bring us to Jepara, i take care about preparation, visa,etc….some other is take a rest, and the rest is play a game that absolutely make us more close eachother.

DSC01484 IMG_0641

Finally for late about almost an hour, (more…)

September 7, 2009

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 1)

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Hei…start from this post i will posting about my workcamp in Karimunjawa that held in 7 – 19 July 2009 ago. I just want to post it because just finished the report.

before that, this is a short information about the organization

IIWC is acronym of Indonesia International Work Camp. Informally, IIWC was formed in September 1999 by IPPA Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association, when IPPA held the first work camp in Mijen, Semarang Residence incorporate with NICE, a work camp organization from Japan.

Seeing the success and positive result of the first work camp, NICE suggested IPPA to form a work camp organization. The suggestion was followed by an invitation for NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) meeting in Hanoi Vietnam at 9 – 22 January 2000. In this meeting, we discussed how to run a work camp and everything about it. Since then, IIWC was born and has been organizing more than 100 international workcamps in Indonesia and many other international voluntary services with hundreds of either local or international volunteers involved

well, first i will introduce all of the volunteers (GREAT VOLUNTEERS!)

start from me,

arji my name is ARJI,i come from Indonesia

(well it shows from my skin color huh…)gintas

his name is Gintas, he’s come from Germany (he’s a Long Term Volunteer)

he already stayed in Indonesia for 1 year, this is his last workcamp

agathe her name is Agathe, she come from France

(she ever have a workcamp in Togo before this) (more…)

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