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November 26, 2015

what you want and what you get

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long time no see,huh?well,pardon me for my rareness posting my blog…sorry..

this afternoon,i just want to post about “what you want and what you get” (WYW&WYG)…yeph! the title is already shows the content of this posting. well, just face it, some of us must be always have a feeling that almost all of we want is hardly to get, and what we get is sometimes not that what we want. few examples, a teenager want to continue his/her study to this university after their highschool, but they didnt get the chance either they didnt have the time or they did have the time but they didnt pass the test, or an overweight man who want to have a skinny body, on the otherwise there also a very skinny man who want to gain his weight, a boy who cheated on his girl for a girl that didnt have a crush on him, etc.

well,many things that actually happen among us but maybe because of the frequency or ordinary things that actually can be categorized into this WYW&WYG condition. not only it happen, but also it happen also for other people in the opposite way, you understand? well,if we want something and we didnt get it, and we didnt really put an attetion to what already we have, in the very same time, there people that have what we want, and want the thing what we have so bad. it is somekind of a test for us,you know?.

maybe God just want us to feel grateful for what we have, and keep patient for what we want. hmm…that is a thing that Easy to Say Hard to Do , dude.

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