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December 31, 2012

2012’s achievement

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Eng ing eng….!

today already 27th of December 2012, time roll so fast dude….it is just like a week ago i set the fireworks and barbeque-ing a corn and sausage with my family 🙂 . same as many people, i also have few target on this year (2012) that i already set in my mind on early of 2012, all of them are mix which is target on carrerr, life, etc. well,instead of explain them one by one that actually i do not remember actually (swear to you i will try to gather all of them in my mind while typing this post) its better if i mention them one by one together with the effort and actual position right now (either it is complete/achieve or not) so i can deliberate it in a good order… (fiuhhhh…)

1. having a baby

the first thing that always i remember and still spreading in my mind is having a baby. yeph!being a father is one of few my 2012 achievement. since my marriage on 10th of July 2011, we dont have a new member yet in this my little family, until now the person who live in my home sweet (can be much sweeter if the baby there) home are only me and my beautiful wifey Vidya. Two of us on those compilation of wall,wood,door&windows are good enough but as i said before, can be much more better with sounds of baby’s crying…:)

well, we have already come to a doctor that already mastered as a Fertility Consultant to share our condition and ask some advice or suggest to have a baby, he (forgot to tell, our doctor is a good old man with a name Djoko Setiadi, i will post detail about him later ) addressed us to have some test on the laboratory and few more for my wife such as USG,etc. Alhamdulilah, all of the lab result are good, all the element that the doctor want to check are on a good mark and nothing to worried, so we just need more effort he says. we already applied all the advices and suggest, but maybe not really discipline ( oops!) but that not really matter actually, but still we dont get there yet. to think positively, at least both of us are healthy and nothing to cure or worried about, so maybe our plan and preparation for the baby is different with Allah’s plan for us, well ” it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you, but Allah know more and you dont know” ( Al Baqarah 2:216 ) . hmmm…suddenly become a wiser person, huh?hahaha…well also to think positively from toher side and to cheer us up, if my wife are pregnant since very beginning of our marriage she is not gonna to cover by finance from my office actually, because from my office regulation, i am to early 1-2 years to married, well first and second reason is enough to comfy me and my wife.

2. Quiet Person

hahaha…no correlation at all with first target, huh? that is why i said in the beginning that my targets are mixed from any side of my life :). well, i am a sanguinisch person, a person that commonly open (or maybe to open), friendly, easy to talk, easier to blend with anyone, warm, full of jokes,etc. unfortunately,i want to become a little bit silent than before…yeah, being a Quiet person also one of few my 2012’s target, but the thing is that only work for 2-3 days after i post it on my twitter account. hahaha…maybe because being a quite is not really inside of me. but still,i think i will put it again on my 2013’s target,so hope you guys support me on this one, ok?!

3. have a well-build body

yeah,i think that also my target on 2012, because i am a skinny person and lil bit not easy to buy a t-shirt or apparel for my Luckily,i like to grab the weight and everything about weight lifting,flexibility,core,etc but nothing is easy in this world, at least for me (and at least thats what i feel) because my body type is ectomorph, people and some articles said that it is kind of body that hard to gain a weight either muscle or fat, one of the reasons is the high metabolism that make hard to gain the mass. if i do the gym routine for 1-2 weeks i can gain for 1kg my bodymass, but if i skip the gym time for 1-2 times i lost my weight for 1-2kg, see ? thats was my problem here. this target also i cant achieve on 2012, so i will put it again for 2013. please pray for me..:)

4. have a better capoeira skill (especially for the roda)

yeah…i have been learn to paly capoeira since late 2004 but make it routine on mid of 2005, kind a long time ago , huh? but…i feel stuck for few years right now, i make much improvement since i join the Quizumba Capoeira Grupo batizado on 2008, but hen the others academic routines,etc makes me do the capoeira only 2-3 times a week, which is not much enough to enhance my skill. why it is special for the roda, because roda is the real condition for capoerista to examine their skill and body response. on the other hand, i also try to get back my spirit about acrobatics, i miss the feeling when i do the backflip/mortal (i dont know the exactly name for the movement) i think it called tuck-jump. yeah, i can do it in a good form on 2006 since first time i try to do that but also with help from my friends there. but since i felt on my head on 2007 on the rainy afternoon, icant do it again. not because of the traumatic,because i still have a guts to do that, but i think my body is keep the fear so it cant do that again. well, the most important is the game of the roda,and acrobatics is the jewelry,but we know that jewelry usually makes everything looks better,right?

hmmm….ergghhh….ummmm…not only meet a dead end to remind all of my target on 2012 but also the time on change to 2013 is closer right now….guess i have o end this post right now,but i swear i will continue it again on next post together with my 2013′ s target,so see you next year buddy..


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  1. Congrats for the wedding, i do hope the baby comes soon….

    I hope the rest of your wishes come true too

    Comment by Cipu — January 3, 2013 @ 9:20 pm

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