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December 31, 2012

2012’s achievement

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Eng ing eng….!

today already 27th of December 2012, time roll so fast dude….it is just like a week ago i set the fireworks and barbeque-ing a corn and sausage with my family 🙂 . same as many people, i also have few target on this year (2012) that i already set in my mind on early of 2012, all of them are mix which is target on carrerr, life, etc. well,instead of explain them one by one that actually i do not remember actually (swear to you i will try to gather all of them in my mind while typing this post) its better if i mention them one by one together with the effort and actual position right now (either it is complete/achieve or not) so i can deliberate it in a good order… (fiuhhhh…)

1. having a baby

the first thing that always i remember and still spreading in my mind is having a baby. yeph!being a father is one of few my 2012 achievement. since my marriage on 10th of July 2011, we dont have a new member yet in this my little family, until now the person who live in my home sweet (can be much sweeter if the baby there) home are only me and my beautiful wifey Vidya. Two of us on (more…)

Correlated with ITIL

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Strategi Management for IT Services built with next few steps, Define the market, Define the offerings, Develop Strategic Assets, and Preparation for Implementation.

To support the defining the market,we can use Business Relationship Management (BRM) and detailig the demand management. For deeloping the offering we can use the Service Portfolio Management that include service pipeline, service catalog, retired sevices. Next, developing the assets we support by Financial Management. Last,for the Implementation we use the Design Product Management.

To continue,we can now do the Sevice Design, started by Requirement Analysis and Design solution,after that we do the Evaluate Alternative solution. Last, we Procure the solution and Develop the solution. All of that will make a new Service Design Package.

The detailing for Sevice catalog, Service level, Availability, Capability, Continuity, Security and Supplier will handled by Design Coordination.

December 9, 2012

Tak kasat mata

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Rejeki atau kelebihan yang kita terima…
Yak,lg pgn ngomong tentang ini…karena sekarang ngerasa dapat rejeki yang beda dengan yang sebelumnya.

Kalau dulu jelas banget dapat rejeki dengan bentuk yang orang lain bisa lihat dan berwujud,sekarang sepertinya dapat rejeki dalam bentuk yang berseberangan dengan sebelumnya,yaitu tak terlihat. Kalau dengan rejeki yang terlihat biasanya akan jelas berasa dan ada kemungkinan mendapat komentar dari orang lain,entah berupa pujian atau malah umpatan (karena iri atau malah sirik) hehe.

Sekarang kayanya dapat rejeki yang ga berwujud,ga keliatan,ga kasat mata…bahkan seringkali ga berasa,ya bener ga berasa. karena pas bangun tidur,mandi,berangkat kantor, di kantor,perjalanan pulang,sampe rumah,makan dan istirahat rejeki itu emang ga (kerasa) ada. Ga kaya gadget yang ada dan bisa kita pegang,ga kaya orang yang berwujud dan bisa kita ajak interaksi,ga kaya duit yang bisa ditabung,habiskan,hitung dll.

Misal nih ya,dulu itu rencana ga pengen kuliah,bukan ga punya rencana mau (more…)

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