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October 17, 2012

Every morning event….

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so,basically i don’t know why i choose those title for my post this time, the thing is i just only want to write this time and i have to make it happen because 7/10 days i through are skip writing because of forgot what to write exactly when i already sitting in front of my computer..LOL

hmm…my routines every morning is almost the same everyday, such as woke up at 04.00 AM (yeah…very early i know) and then took wudhu and then pray after that, and then spent few more minutes at the praying mat with thinking,planning,wishing,etc for all my wishes either it is for short term or mid and long term. After adzan Shubuh arouind 4.20 AM, i wake up my wife to do the prayer together.

if i am too tired that time,i must go to bed again and sleep for few minutes, but if i am not really tired than i will do some crunch,pull up or anything to warm my body so i can avoid the cold water in the early morning  bath…haha

while watching the “Mamah & AA Curhat Dong” tv program or listening to the beat music, i prepare my stuff like shirt,tie,sport apparels,etc. my wife must be already ready and going down first to prepare the breakfast while i am tidying the bed,curtain,and everything in the room.

after that, around 05.50 AM i am going down to put my stuff at the car and also turn on the machine because it must be cool for one night outside. while waiting the car,i take all the stuff from the kitchen that my wife already cooked and then put it in the car for us to breakfast while i am driving 🙂

i will open the gate and she will bring the car and after that i switch with her, i sit on the driver seat and she is closing the gate (and i must be hurry, because many people come pass and by in front of the gate such as the schoolkids and other who also want to go their office.

went out the narrow street, i keep driving while she’s taking her breakfast first and then if the traffic are friendly or not to rush, she will feed me until the spot where she will continue her own trip to her office. the spot are in front of Tamini Square, she will continue by public transport that took the highway, and i take the highway also but different direction. for your information, her office are located at the east of jakarta and my office are located at center of jakarta, so i cant drive her until her office because the traffic will make both of us arrive late 😦

the traffic on the highway little bit better with common road, but still have some traffic jam in few point, such as Cawang, Kuningan Gate, and also Semanggi Gate and i took that point to turn to my office. the thing that sometimes makes me upset are those driver who don’t want to stay in queue line and just cut the line near the gate, usually the bus driver or the police it self…LOL

in front of the Police Station i took left and go inside the SCBD (Sudirman Center Business District) with few turn left and right, voila! arrive at my office via the South Lobby.


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