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October 17, 2012

Every morning event….

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so,basically i don’t know why i choose those title for my post this time, the thing is i just only want to write this time and i have to make it happen because 7/10 days i through are skip writing because of forgot what to write exactly when i already sitting in front of my computer..LOL

hmm…my routines every morning is almost the same everyday, such as woke up at 04.00 AM (yeah…very early i know) and then took wudhu and then pray after that, and then spent few more minutes at the praying mat with thinking,planning,wishing,etc for all my wishes either it is for short term or mid and long term. After adzan Shubuh arouind 4.20 AM, i wake up my wife to do the prayer together.

if i am too tired that time,i must go to (more…)


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