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July 31, 2012

Welcome the new ME..;D

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So, this is me! Ta daaa!
After being drown by the routines of my new life,place,and status.

pic on my IDcard

For sure, now I am not a lecturer again,I did resign from campus where I teach from 2008 until March 2011. Yeah, so sad that I have to leave those marvellous life where I spent my day with gym in the morning, study until noon, lecturing at the afternoon,and capoeira by evening.

Yeph, I was a member at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Fitness Center for almost 2 years and spent 3-4 days a week every morning there to weight-training.

still trying to get this result

After that I back to my dormitary and prepare to go to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) where I took my master at Technology Information Major from 2008 until 2010 (fiuhh..thanks God its normal time and no extended semester.. :p )

LabTek VIII lantai 3

16 Juli 2010

Oftenly, after study, I directly ride up to Buahbatu South of Bandung, there are 3 college there, Telkom Institute of Technology (ITT), Polytechnic Telkom (Polytech), and Telkom Institute of Management (IMT). I was lecturing in those first two college.

yound and energetic lecturer

Late afternoon or early evening, after lecturing I ride up to place where is learn Capoeira, few places I learn are ITB, Parahyangan University (Unpar), Padjajaran University (Unpad) for 3 or 4 days a week. I am not the best capoeira player (read:capoeirista) but I love capoeira the best!.

learning capoeira

Since 2011 all those happy life was change because I have to moved to Jakarta, left all my life in Bandung, yeah..all of it,include sabuga,ITB,lecture,capoeira. For your information, I still bring my fiancee with me 🙂 . oh yeah, I have a girlfriend who be with me for almost 6 years until we get married.


look like king and queen of melayu, right?

In Jakarta, I have to join the academy for the Officer Development (ODP) Bank Mandiri for approximately 4 months in class and 2 months on field/branch.

ODP Mandiri Angkatan 80

So, I rent a dormitary near LPPI Kemang, and it cost me 500K rupiahs per month. Actually, my family lives in Depok that 8-10 KM from LPPI.

at the LPPI

The thing is, I stay at Depok for only 3 years, that was when I still in Junior High School, continue to Senior High School and until finih my Master degree, I always stay at dormitary.

As time goes by, I finish the academy for 6 months, and being placed at Head Quarter of Bank Mandiri in Plaza Mandiri at Gatot Subroto. I used to rent a dormitary at Bendungan Hilir area, but only for 1 month, excatly before I got married (yippe!). But then, after married I stay in Depok together with my parents, sister, and my wife for sure. The distance from Depok to my office is about 15 KM which is not really necessary because in here, Jakarta, distance is rarely measure by kilometres, but oftenly by time, yes you read it, by time you need to reach the destination,not by distance :))

the queue of entrance highway

Why? For sure no more no less because of the traffic, so if its very very early morning those 15 KM spent only 35-45 minutes (hurrayy..) but after 6 o clock in the morning it tooks 90-120 minutes only (yeah…i said only, because it could be more worst until 150minutes or more).

Sorry to miss, my wedding was held on 10th of July 2011 at Pontianak City (my wife place) and the receptions are 1st on the same day at Pontianak, and the second on 27th July 2011 at Pewayangan Building Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta.

Image Image


The unique are, those Ijabqabul and reception in Jakarta separated 2 weeks where excatly one week after Pontianak we attend my wife Master Graduation in ITB (eng ing eng..another miss info, yeph…my wife also took Master degree in same campus and same major with me, only 1 year after me).

16 Juli 2010


16 Juli 2011

So, in this recently office, I work as Assistant Manager (which is very early position to have carrier here) at IT Strategic, Architecture & Planning group at PBA Department. I came here with 3 more friends, they are Apri Kamayudi (who also graduated form same college with me, and you know what?we have same Graduation time!haha…), Novi Maryanti (who graduated from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta) and last is Pradipto Dinar Utomo (he is graduated from ITS, Sepuluh November Institute of Tehnology). So here we are, the new and fresh source to be hired here.

*from left to the right are Novi, Me, Pak Guntur (boss), Dipta, Apri.

Dont know why, suddenly I lost my idea after telling you about my work..hahaha, by the way, I think that can describe my condition at daily life right now, so maybe I can share it again at next post…:)

the latest me 😀


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