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July 10, 2010

So weird huh?

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well, recently days so many news about the celebrity that have porn video being spread through the internet.

actually i dont care at all about this and never pay attetion to this issue.

but, tonight when i was doing my job as lecturer, and heard the news, suddenly i think its kind of strange law…lol

the thing is, the news said that 2 actrees (which is famous celebrity in Indonesia) finally free from the law because at least they confess that the woman on that video are them. i mean, they claim it in different time and place, one is confess that the woman is her, eventhough her husband and family didn’t know it was her.

and the other woman also claim that she is the person that do intercourse with the man on the video.

and what the law do?both of them are free.

how about the man?he is still on prison because he didn’t cooperate with the police and didn’t want to agree that he is the one on the video.

strange huh?instead of the truth who are those people on the video, but the one who didn’t claim that he is the man on the video being prisoned, and who already confess and claim that they are on the video being free from the law and not get prisoned???

ah i see, maybe the law is just wnt to make sure who is the actor and actrees on the video.

the law doesn’t really care about punishment for the guilty person at all.

weird law huh?


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  1. salam kenal gan, kunjungan balik ditunggu di sini dan

    Comment by ramlannarie — November 10, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

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