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March 19, 2010

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 4)

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11th July 2009

Today was start earlier, eventhough not a schedule in this workcamp, few people was go to

the market, they are me,leslie,sophie,celia,marie,zoe. we buy 2 pineapple, 2 tape, few cakes.

after that, we go to the port and sit there and ate that cakes we buy. not for so long time,

we go back to house and take sleep again. before i sleep, pak arif takes me to the beach where

we will clean today.

i woke up again about 8.45 am and take breakfast with others where all the girls already on the dining



March 4, 2010

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 3)

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hmmm….because of so many things to do, i have to pending the story about KJ 1st workcamp…i am so sorry…^^

so, now i am going tell about the story direclty to the 1st day of the workcamp.

the hard thing is to match the picture and documentation with the date, because even we have the date in every picture or video, the record of all of the pictures&video was mix between this camera and that camera,etc. but,its the same actually..some picture maybe look a like each other, for example sunset picutres. but, eventhough they look a like,trust me its taken on different day…if you are look it carefully you can see the different..LOL

the thing is,the story will tell from first person view…ok?!

here it is…

10th July 2009

first day of the workcamp we almost woke up at 7.30 am and then breakfast together at 8 am. for the first time since we arrived in semarang we had something else to eat than rice for the breakfast, which are cake, friedbanana, bread with chocolate and banana inside and many other things i dont really know. after that we went to do activities with mothers! we had tea there and the mothers sung a really nice song. then we went all together in the city and clean the street during half an hour. we finished at 10.30 am and had “pictures time” with the mothers. some of us had games with the children there and dance our banana song.


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