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September 17, 2009

Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 2)

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well, after introducing the member and our goal…i will tell about beginning of the workcamp…

the ordered of the volunteers coming, is from me (arrived in Semarang on 4th of july), then agathe,zoe,marie (arrived on 5th of july), then leslie the day after, and sophie&celia same day with leslie, and then mellisa (morning on 7th of july) with very horrible trip from Bali to Semarang, thanks God she made it, and the last is Ferry who arrived when we almost finished the explaining about the workcamp before we depart to Jepara, yeah he had a trip around Bali&Java island before reach Semarang…=)

Gintas?of course he already in semarang a long time ago before all of us arrived there, because he stayed in Semarang.

After explain all things about workcamp, we wait for the car that will bring us to Jepara, i take care about preparation, visa,etc….some other is take a rest, and the rest is play a game that absolutely make us more close eachother.

DSC01484 IMG_0641

Finally for late about almost an hour, the car is come and we take all the bags and pack that we have to put in the car. looks like the car is not big enough for all of us, plus!the baggage, but no problem we come here for volunteering not for holiday, so if we need to fold our legs as small as we can so all the things can carry in the car, we will do it!hahahaha…

IMG_0351 IMG_0354

it takes approximately 2,5 hours to get to Jepara, maybe because the driver not discipline enough, because he stopped few times to take another passanger in the middle of the trip..

*can you imagine what is in his mind?with that condition in the car he still think to take another passanger??my volunteer said, “wow!Indonesie, evertything is possible..”lol….

after get to Jepara, i met Sir Rosidi, to take the home key where we will stay for 2 night, and then put all the things, divide the bed and together with Gintas i went to the Police Office to report about the foreign volunteers and give all of their passport&visa, and of course its the same with Gintas pasport&visa too.

IMG_0355 IMG_0356

Next morning, after Subuh prayer, i wasn’t sleep again and just walking out of the room, and found mellisa. I was asked her to teach me how to have a little workout instead of my back injured my movement was limited. In a few hours, all of the volunteers already woke up. we took breakfast together and then plan what to do today. then we decided to go to “Bandengan beach”, it is from Ferrys book about Indonesia, that show a visited place in Jepara. We go there by rent a pick up car from the bus station.

DSC01492 IMG_0371

It takes about an half hour to get there. after arrived, we directly find a spot which at that place there not so many people, so we’re not take so many attention from the others. the beach was good, the water, the sand and the crowded is enough. there, we swim, chat, play water volleyball, etc with the local people. we also take a picture there, together with the local people. Of course the local people are excited with us of course not with me, because i’m Indonesian…hahahaha).

DSC01515 CIMG1374

We went back to the home at 12.45 not only because of the driver want to go to Semarang, but also we thought that the sun is enough for us. after that we clean ourself and then take a rest of course, that was our first time outdoor activity. Approximately 3.30 pm, we go to explore the city, but in separated not together all the team. Arji, Mellisa, Leslie, and Marie go to the city by walk. we buy something in some shop for snack and candy, and then we found Indomart, we buy some milk. Near the Indomart, there are a cornbaked seller there. We stop for a while and try some corn, it taste nice, mixed sweet, sour and spicy. after that, we went back to home beacuse its already late afternoon.

After took our dinner, of course again with rice, vegetables and tempe!..LOL, we had a little discussion and preparation about tomorrow we will go to karimunjawa by feri and will take about 6 or 7 hours. Before get sleep, some of us had a serious, critic, and fun debate about something different between us, and we played some cards about France games, sophie, celia and ferry was teach me.

IMG_0692 IMG_0695



  1. waahhh ajarin ng blog bby wordpress donk >.<

    share link nya juga yah..

    terima kasih ^^

    Comment by purple7rhapsody — October 17, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

  2. Mad, jd kegiatan lo d karimun jawa cum have fun doank yee..
    mana kegiatan volunteer nye???

    Comment by irfan bhelho — October 21, 2009 @ 10:48 am

  3. @nura
    apanya yg diajarin nur?kan sama kaya nge-blog biasa..?

    kalo share link kan harusnya gw tinggal ngeklik nama lo..

    volunteer di bidang lingkungan & edukasi kebersihan pan…
    yaelah,kaya ga bisa baca aja, judulnya aja “Karimunjawa 1st Workcamp (part 2)”
    ya berarti belom beres lah…

    yang lo baca juga baru sampe di jepara,lom masuk bagian utama…gimane sih..

    lom tau semua udah maen ngecap aja “jd kegiatan lo d karimun jawa cum have fun doank yee..”
    bukan blogger yang baik gan…

    tp gpp,jadi teguran bwt gw untuk segera menyelesaikan blog ini…='(
    nuhun pan..
    keep blogging!
    oiya di jakarta ada pesta blogger tu tgl 24…ikut ga?

    Comment by arji — October 21, 2009 @ 1:33 pm

  4. Feel free to visit Karimunjawa Islands’s website, for further information about Karimunjawa, how to get there, what to do, where to stay, and much more. And find out amazing picures of Karimunjawa, that will make you WOW!!


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